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June 17 2011 – SYD – Fundraising Dinner – “Muslims as Agents of Change: Inheritors of the Prophet”

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“Muslims as Agents of Change: Inheritors of the Prophet”

Fundraising Dinner: $50/person. Purchase tickets HERE NOW!

The Bellevue Bankstown (Lopez Lane, Bankstown),

Friday 17th June, 2011


Please kindly note that children under the age of 12 are advised not to attend.


Featuring Anas Altikriti:


Br Anas Altikriti has lived in the UK since 1970 and is the former president of the Muslim Association of Britan. He is a post-graduate lecturer in Translation and Interpreting studies and is the founder and current CEO of ‘The Cordoba Foundation‘.

Br Anas was a leading figure of the ‘Global Anti-War’ movement which organised and led a 2 million person demonstration in London against the Iraq war in February 2003. He also helped negotiate the release of hostages in Iraq in 2005. Br Anas Altikriti is a TV presenter and media commentator to a number of international media outlets such as ‘The Guardian‘, ‘Al-Jazeera‘, ‘South African Mercury’ and others.


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